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The Board of Directors of the Central Penn Business Group on Health supports providing all healthcare purchasers with the information they need and the appropriate incentives to choose the right care at the right price in the right setting. To that end, CPBGH is focused on bringing together all of the stakeholders to discuss achievement of this goal. The team meets regularly to address the ever-changing complexities associated with the process of receiving care.

All too often, healthcare purchasers are uninformed about the cost and quality of their health care. They are often disempowered and disconnected from our health care system, unable to make good choices about insurance coverage, doctors and treatment options. Often too, the care they receive is inconvenient, unsafe, and varies widely in quality and cost. The current situation is frustrating, expensive and can be very scary. Yet examples from other industries show us that when consumers have the information, they can and will call for services that are affordable and high quality. The Central Penn Business Group on Health engages in policy and advocacy, partnerships and data-gathering to help provide consumers with information and tools they need to better assess the quality and cost of health insurance, doctors, hospitals and treatments. We also work to improve health insurance benefit designs to motivate consumers to become actively engaged in their health.

Quarterly meetings have been established to bring together the stakeholders to address these issues.

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