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About the Central Penn Business Group on Health

The Central Penn Business Group on Health (CPBGH) was originally founded in 1984 as the Lancaster County Business Group on Health. The organization was founded by a group of employers concerned about the cost and quality of healthcare benefits. At the time, all of the health systems in the county were locally owned and operated and our focus on Lancaster County made sense.

In 2017, the Board of Directors of LCBGH voted to expand our reach and change our name to the Central Penn Business Group on Health. This decision was made based on the changing ownership and operation of our local health systems as well as the increasing mobility in the workforce. Today, our focus is on serving employers based in Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and York Counties.

The membership of the Central Penn Business Group on Health crosses public and private sectors and represents more than 100,000 employees covered lives. We represent a wide variety of employers -- small and large, union and non-union, and we encourage a responsible partnership between employers and employees to create an environment for the wise use of health benefits at affordable costs.

The Central Penn Business Group on Health is recognized as a resource and advocate for quality healthcare in our region, working to help local businesses adapt to the challenges associated with offering healthcare benefits to their workforce. We share real time information employers can use and provide educational and networking forums for companies seeking to make intelligent decisions about the health benefits they offer to their employees and covered family members.

The Central Penn Business Group on Health promotes a collaborative dialogue among all the healthcare stakeholders -- purchasers, insurers, medical providers, and brokers. We monitor legislative issues and advocate for reform on such issues as payment reform and transparency. And locally, the Business Group examines quality healthcare delivery issues.

Our Vision

To provide a forum and a voice for the business community on healthcare through collaboration among stakeholders

Our Mission

To promote continuous improvement in the quality and cost of healthcare for our member companies, their employees and dependents

Strategic Initiatives

Collaboration & Partnerships: Our goal at CPBGH is to promote dialogue and partnerships among stakeholders - businesses, healthcare providers, insurers, payers, project funders, social service agencies, brokers, consultants, and government – to help keep healthcare effective and affordable. Working together, by utilizing individual organizational strengths, maximizes our impact which benefits the entire community.

Education and Advocacy: At the Central Penn Business Group on Health we provide educational events to create opportunities for the community to learn about leading trends in healthcare. Through formal events, member-only networking events, local surveys, newsletters, webinars, and online education sessions, our members learn compelling strategies that can be used to directly impact their employee benefit plans. The Central Penn Business Group on Health continues to advocate for the appropriate balance between quality and cost of healthcare.

Products & Services: The Central Penn Business Group on Health seeks to find or develop unique cost-effective products and services that serve the needs of our employer members and promote the well-being their workforce. We accomplish this by filling market voids where the aggregation of members leads to better opportunities for savings or care without directly competing with existing services offered by our partners in the open marketplace.