Face-to-Face Solutions


What It Is:

Control of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension and others, is key to keeping an employer’s healthcare costs under control. ACTRx is a simple, cost effective way to tackle this challenge.

First proven effective in Asheville, North Carolina, this patient centered program focuses on improving the lives of your employees with a chronic disease and, ultimately, reducing an employer’s healthcare costs. The savings, reduced absenteeism and improved health realized in the Asheville model led to the launch of the program here in Lancaster.

The Business Group on Health has partnered with the Lancaster Pharmacists for Improved Health Outcomes (LPiHO) to bring this unique program and its exciting benefits to employers here in Lancaster. The Business Group on Health launched Phase I, Diabetes, of the Bridge Project in 2006. Today, the program is called ACTRx reflecting the comprehensive nature of the coaching program.

How It Works:

Participants in the program are each assigned a local pharmacist who acts as the patient’s designated disease management “coach” in face-to-face meetings.

Pharmacists from a network specially trained by LPiHO, develop individual treatment plans with each participant’s primary care physician. The pharmacists follow a consistent regimen of education, monitoring, data collection and coaching with each patient and communicate progress of each participant to the primary care physician.

Patients receive education on their disease and one-on-one coaching to manage their chronic condition. In addition, participants who volunteer for the program, receive incentives that may include waived or reduced co-pays for the medications, lab tests and supplies needed to treat their disease. Patients do not have to change their existing prescription programs (even mail order), and they do not have to fill their medications or supplies from the pharmacy where they receive the coaching. 

Why It Works:

Studies show that only about 50% of people take their medications as directed and poor adherence to medication therapies prevent patients from receiving the full therapeutic benefit of the medications – this is a critical issue for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and can lead to significant health risks and high healthcare costs for employers. The overall healthcare costs of poor medication adherence have been estimated to approach $100 billion each year.

ACTRx is a HIPAA-compliant, proactive program that addresses the issue of medication adherence and provides education to the patients through face-to-face coaching by a trained pharmacist working with the patient’s primary care physician.

ACTRx is completely portable – there is no need to change healthcare plans or purchase specific products to participate. It is available to any employer in the area and is designed for both self-funded and fully-insured employers. There are no mandatory minimum or maximum patient enrollments for employers and the employer may set the criteria for program participation. 

What Are The Outcomes:

ACTRx is a proven way to improve the health of your employees and your bottom line!

Employers invest in the program with one-time enrollment fees for each of the employees who participate, plus fees for the one-on-one coaching and the waived co-pays for medications and supplies. However, the healthcare savings realized by the employers outweigh those costs. In addition, patients (employees) in the program have realized significant improvement to their health and well being.

Once enrolled, employers receive clinical and economic analysis and reports on the patients in the program – you can view historical information on the program by clicking on the reports listed in the sidebar to the right.


How Do I Enroll My Employer?

Contact Diane Hess, Central Penn Business Group on Health at (717) 239-6954 or email Diane at dhess@cpbgh.org.